To live life with Extra Pulp


"I like my music with the rinds and the seeds and pulp left in."
-Tom Waits

This Tom Waits quote is the inspiration behind the name Extra Pulp. Much like his music, we appreciate the rawest expressions of identity, emotion, and culture. Be it music, food, or cultural experience, we want it in its purest form, with nothing taken out, with Extra Pulp.

Extra Pulp is centered around the idea of preservation. Musically, this can manifest as a deep connection with American folk music. From the ballads of Ruscoe Holcomb, to Leadbelly's railroad work songs, the high and lonesome sounds of the past ignite an abstract nostalgia to a world that once was. This same nostalgia exists ecologically, as well. A yearning for a world where Aldo Leopold's silphium plant was abundant, walks through the woods were routine, and certainly no one spoke of bees dying.  Technological advancements have created a fog that screens us from remembering this world. This becomes particularly apparent with the way we view our food. Eating ethically-raised animals, locally-grown crops, and non-processed foods was once commonplace, but is now gourmet. Going back to these culinary roots would be better for our health, environment, and tastebuds. In today's world of information overload and political divide, we can all find a common pleasure in amazing flavor. Through preserving traditions in food, music, and nature, we can unite over a common source of gratitude and joy. And, even if we are too far-gone to recover old times, we are still going to have a hell of a time trying.